Monday, March 23, 2009

Top: we had mom and dad over for dinner. Our table is so tiny so we were a little squished... :)
Bottom left: my new hair, I love it!
Bottom right: Brayker is at work with me today and see how hard at it he is? ...



I LOVE your hair too, Ronda. You are so cute! I am coming up this weekend to hang out and go see Grandma, are you going to be around?


Ronda, your lil baby is SO cute! oh my heck! you need to post a video of him on here or something, i would love it! anyway, looks like you're doing well, love your hair!


Hey you! Cute cute hair, you are the cutest little mommy and that little guy is absolutely adorable.

I didn't know if you saw the flyer on my blog but I am having an open crop on Saturday at Mt. Fuel it is going to be so fun. Please come if you can, the new Spring catalog has some way way cute boy paper. Its just for everyone to come and do projects and visit etc. I will be teaching some things throughout the day. Its from 10-3 hope to see you there!!

Northern Nuts!

I was so happy he was at work with you. I loved holding him! He is so stinkin' cute!