Friday, March 27, 2009

Brayker's room is finally 'kind of' clean and organized! I bought some of those cheap wooden letters at wal~mart, painted them blue and then mod~podged paper on them. Then chalked around the outside of the letter with brown chalk so it would stick out a little better. Then I vinyled in the rest of his name. This is a picture of his messy closet. He has so many clothes and I threw more than half of them in his dresser. On the right is his light switch. It looks kind of goofy with the horse on it so I think I am going to take it off. And the bottom right picture, I finally got Jade to put my 'Mickey Mouse' knobs on the dresser! (i would have but it needed a little riggin' and i didn't want to take the time)
Anyhow, Brayker had his shots on Monday and he did so good. Jade was there and I made him stand there with him and the second he started crying, so did I and I had to run over and be close to him. :) Not that I helped any but I felt better. He weighed 12lb. 6oz. and was 23". Cute little fella. We are blessing him on Sunday so feel free to come. :)



Oh my gosh what a cute room, I love the letters with the vinyl writing I may have to copy because I made letters for KASH but Kadence was just too long, so I may do that same thing! Thanks for the idea hope you don't mind if I am a copy catter. :) His blessing outfit looks darling, you have done a way cute job with it all. Have a fun weekend!!


Ok thanks Ronda! Where did you get the vinyl in the cursive like that? I wonder if I could just do it on my cricut. Also I just posted a pic of the new catalog for Spring that I told you is so darn cute... check it out you will see why you need to stop in tomorrow PLUS more importantly I would love to see that little guy in person!! Bring your sister in laws too, I don't have contact info for them but come and hang out for a while! I am worried no one is going to come because it turned out to be such a bad Saturday for everyone. It might just be me and Cally. lol Oh well we will get lots done. :)

Rex and Em

Rhonda!!!! Your little boy is so dang cute!!!!! I didn't even know you had a blog yay now we can be friends!! Email me your email!!!