Thursday, January 29, 2009



Its crazy how fast they change every day isn't it Ronda. I can see changes in him just from the pictures. He is so darling. I used Baby Wise with both my kids... that first month is hard to really incorporate it since they are so new and need lots of sleep. Don't get frusterated with it.. especially if its not strict at first. About 3 months I really stuck to it with Kash and he has been a great sleeper ever since. Good luck!


I absolutely love your pictures. He is adorable.


He is so darling!


He jsut keeps getting sweeter and cuter every day. Enjoy every momnemt.


What a cutie! I'm a little jealous that Sammi and Parker have both gotten to hold him. I wish that we lived closer! Keep taking pictures for us.


Awwww little Brayker is such a cutie :) I love seeing all the new pictures of him. So are you into the scrapbooking thing? You have such darling pictures of him to put in one so I hope that you are.

Northern Nuts!

I can't take it any more. I'm coming over!

justin and sherrie

How cute! Don't ya just love their lil' naked bums? Or maybe that's just me... everything about them is just so cute!




K He is adorable! I love ALL the pictures. Good choice on his name. Love every moment!

Jake and Leslie Garbanati Family

Ronda...I blogstalk you from time to time...and I can't believe you have a baby. You used to be Steph's cutest little sister (*you still are), any way, you have grown up. Your babe is amazing. What a cutie! And look how cute Gramps is with him! Love him everyday...and I know you will. You can never spoil a child with too much love! Congrats...

Skye and Jordon

He is adorable. I love the pic of his little foot that you have for your header! So cute!