Tuesday, May 27, 2008

baby mama

Maui finally had her babies!!! She had 3 on Sunday and 2 on Monday morning!! So if you can't count... that is 5!

They are so tiny!!! and CUTE!

Look at that little face!

There were only 3 when I went to bed, and I thought she was done! When I woke up in the morning, i saw this little yellow guy & couldn't believe it!! I don't know where in the world he came from, but i'm glad he is here! :)

So, does anyone want a kitty???


Bo and Mandy

ahh, how cute. I love baby animals!!


For reals, I think my mother might want a few. I'll keep in touch. She's in moarning because she lost her cat so this might be just the thing. Don't get rid of them yet....


Ronda, its been a while since i commented so i thought id say hi!! Your husband IS sweet. That's awesome and yuor kittys are so cute!! I had blast with you yesterday!! Love ya