Wednesday, April 2, 2008

wAlLa WaLlA

We took a teeny Willis vacation this weekend and went to Washington! About a 10 hour drive and 7 of us in one vehicle but we made it! It was a fun relaxing trip and we all got to do what we wanted! We were able to make it to the Hamley store in Pendleton and the boys got to rope in Pasco and then the girls got to make a trip to our favorite makeup store ~MAC~ between 4 of us girls, we probably spent around $500! Memories though right! I got to meet some new relatives and we got to hear a lot of old family stories! I couldn't have married into a better family!
PS- Shelly, hurry home! I miss you...
I should have bought them!
Laura, Whit, Me
Lil Cowboys
*dona & jader*
Johnene, Danner, & Sadona: Danner just got a new pirate hat with his happy meal! Soo cute!
i SPLURGED and bought myself some new MAC!
My new boots!