Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brayker is 2!

Well my baby is officially a little boy... where did the last 2 years go?  We had such a fun birthday party! Everyone came and we had presents galore. Still trying to find places to put them in my house!

This is just a random blog.... who would expect any less? But this morning when I got to work, my darling husband had sent me flowers.... thank you Jade, I love you so much!

UpLeft: Brayker loves to have grandma Reta read to him. UpRight: went to visit Matt & Hilary and she has the cutest island in her kitchen. Brayker drew chalk pictures all night!
BottomLeft: Brayker's new train tent that Santa brought him! BottomRight: we finally converted Braykers crib to a toddler bed.. likes it more than before!

We went to Vegas in December! We had so much fun! G&G Willis kept Brayker so we were able to do adult things and go to Casino's every night. We had a blast!



he is so cute! I love his curly hair!

Bo and Mandy

Happy birthday brayker. I love all the pictures, but especially the one where he is asleep with his hand in the snack container. haha


He is getting so big! I bet he just gives you so many laughs. What a cutie!

Haven Rock

I am looking for baby names and like the name Breaker, but thought of spelling it Brayker. So, I looked that name up and found your blog. Cute name! Love it. I have to convince the husband though. Now to find my baby girl's name...thinking Andelyn. Yep, we are having 2 in May.