Monday, November 8, 2010


Yay! It is my birthday month/week! I love being born on Veteren's Day because the courthouse is closed that day so there is never a chance I will have to work on my birthday! :)
We have been super duper busy with shipping cows (in/out) and with the flu we had and mainly just being with Brayker can make anyone feel busy!

 We were diggin a little deep for Halloween... went shopping the day before and couldn't find anything I loved so we whipped up a mini Fred Flinstone... I couldn't get him to smile for the camera EVER! We had fun though! Look at cute little Yoda in the background!
 On a Sunday afternoon we needed a treat and so we gave it a family effort and made Twinkie cupcakes! They were delicious!
 Brayker is a trucker baby... we went with Jade in the semi a few times to haul cows/hay and Brayker just crawled up in the sleeper and watched movies!
What is new with us?? Hmm... we are thinking of doing a little needed remodeling on the ol' bathroom and will hopefully start tonight! Also, the outside of the house is in the thought process.. we have siding started on the front and if it doesn't snow tonight, maybe we can get started painting? (cross your fingers).
Hope everyone is doing lovely!