Wednesday, April 7, 2010

happy easter

Last weekend, Jade had a ropin in Twin Falls and I decided to go and had so much fun!... But I felt a little lonely and like I was forgetting something... It was my first night away from Brayker and his first night staying alone without me. He stayed at G&G Willis' house and had so much fun. Thanks again for watching him!!!
Then we had Easter! We had so much fun!! Brayker was more interested in the little plastic eggs than his basket, but was so cute!

Brayker got bubbles from his aunts & uncles (thanks) and was having such a blast trying to catch them. Thanks for keeping him entertained Uncle Wade!

I love my husband so much... he got me these for Easter! Can't wait for the snow to be gone.



Ronda I love your blog so much Brayker and Paxton have so much in common they do alot of the same things i want them to meet some day i think they will really get along! I also wanted to tell you i have the same exact bike trailer I LOVE IT we go on bike rides everyday its soo much fun and Paxton giggles the whole time so i am sure Brayker will love it! I also wanted to let you know i got paxton the same carseat so now Brayker and Paxton are just alike LOL thanks for the advice about it!