Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the hubs... he's good

So anyone who has driven by my house this summer has noticed my lawn... ick! It has been terrible, but I do have an excuse! My water spicket has been broken so I couldn't even water my lawn... anyhow, the guys are done haying so they finally have had time to help me with a few things and fixing the water was one so now my lawn is finally getting a little greener!
Switch gears: Jade roped in Fyler, ID on Friday and got home late late. Saturday morning he was like, "I got you something, I left it in the truck so I'll go get it." So me and Brayker sat by the door and waited for him. He went back to the horse trailer and came walking back with this little baby!
I love my husband! He is fabulous! I am so excited to have my own lawn mower! I have already mowed my lawn twice! I'm glad that we waited so long before we got one because this was reg. $300 and Jade got it for $86!



Wow thats an awesome steal on that lawnmower!! Your little guy is so darling, and I feel like he has grown way too fast too!! It seems like you barely had him. Well it will be time for another one before you know it. :)