Thursday, June 11, 2009

fun shopping trip

Brayker is rolling all over the place and I can hardly believe it. I can no longer leave him on the ottoman watching tv. Strictly the floor now, and from now on I have to strap him in the swing... I won't tell you why :)
Below: Brayker is a pretty good shopper! When I carry him in his Baby Bjorn, he will shop for a while then, take a little catnap. I just love my little son! He is the greatest!

Sorry I'm slacking so bad lately on the picture department but good grief, I honestly don't know where my time goes! :) Last weekend, Mom, Ash, Brayker, Julie and I went down to Dana's house and stayed the night and went shopping and ordered chinese food and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. We had such a good time and what fun company. I love Ashley's family and it was just so fun to be with them.
And you should be proud... not counting wal-mart on the way home... I only spent about 25 bucks shopping.