Friday, May 1, 2009

I went to Salt Lake yesterday to see my cousin Sherrie. She is babysitting Brett & Amanda's kids and it was so fun! We just laid on the lawn and ordered chinese food and just had a relaxing little visit!
I am so sorry that the only thing that I post about is Brayker, but I guess that is what happens when you become a mom right? :) He loves to play with his grandpa!
Walking around the Quilted Bear... he loved looking at everything for awhile then he cozied right down in his stroller and took a nap. :)
We went to dinner the other night and look how excited they were. Haha!
Ok, I love this... i was eating chocolate ice cream and dipped his binky in it. Ten minutes later this is what happened when Mr. Binky fell out... he has a ring of chocolate on his chin:)


justin and sherrie

Oh! I just love his eyes and the chocolate ring around his mouth.


He is so cute. I love all the picture. It is just fine that you only blog about Bryker. My family only wants to hear about Andrew.


He is just so dang kissable!! I love him!! I love his big smile and dimples. I bet grandma was nervous that you gave him chocolate, that's too funny!!