Friday, April 17, 2009

Well, for the last month Brayker has been sleeping from about 11.12ish until 630.7ish. He is so great... But this morning he work up at 430 and i'm hoping it's not a regular thing. :) He is 3 months & 2 days old. I can't even believe it and it is so crazy how fast he is growing. I put him in 6 month pjs last night and they were a bit big but won't be long til they'll be small. :( People always told me to enjoy it because they grow fast... i'm starting to believe them and find myself annoyingly telling others the same thing. :)

I'm trying this when I get home!



I can not believe that he is that old. He is such a cute little guy.


I think that Avery did that waking up thing too for a little bit around that age. So, maybe he's hitting a growth spurt. It probably won't last long, but that sure is disappointing when you just get hope that he's sleeping through the night. He's such a cutie!

justin and sherrie

That's great that he has been sleeping so well! So the little jumper thing that Koy has is awesome. You asked if it folds up easily and I haven't ever folded it up but it looks easy. It just has little buttons to push in. My sister has an exersaucer thing and it doesn't fold up unless you totally want to take it completely apart. :)