Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i know i am way behind, but i just figured out how to get pics from my phone onto the compter so here are some from yesterday! his new basketball shorts are my FAV! :)



I love the shades. He is so cute. He is getting so big.


What a little cutie!! I can see soo much of your dad in him even Kade thought so. I love seeing his pics!

Bo and Mandy

Oh my heavens, they are adorable. I love them!!

Taytum and Jared

those shorts are so cute! by the way thank you so much for all the cute stuff for cash Jared loved the wranglers,that was soo sweet, tell your family thanks too!

justin and sherrie

How cute is that? He has the cutest smiles!


He is growing so fast! I love the swimsuit and sunglasses pictures! I think your just like me wishing it was Summer! What a cute Baby!