Monday, February 9, 2009

bath time

Brayker's cord officially fell off and we gave him his first bath today! He loved it, or I think he did (he didn't cry or anything so I'm thinkin that is good). He is the best baby ever! :)
Thanks Mandy for the cute whale tub! We love it!



Oh watch he will stat to love it so much that he will cry when it is done we went though that with Andrew but he is good now. I love bathing babies and their clean smell.


He's so awake!! What a cutie!! He's grown so much and it hasn't been that long since i saw him last!! He sure has gotten cuter, too!! Big loves


He looks so relaxed. I'm sure he enjoyed it. Who doesn't like taking a bath.

Bo and Mandy

Glad you can use it :) He looks so cute and looks so much different than from when I saw him last. So fun!!!!

Northern Nuts!

I am glad you censored the picture so my girl's young eyes did not see anything!

He is soo danggggg cute! Thanks for holding him off the food so my girls could catch a peak!!