Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here are just a few quick pics from my mom's camera!


Bo and Mandy

cute cute pictures. I love looking at him. What a doll


Wade's face is hilarious! I love the one of your dads hand stroking his feet. He is cute Ronda! Thanks for sharing him with us!


He is so cute. I love all the picture keep posting them. I have to tell you looking at them really make me baby hungry!

justin and sherrie

Ok, if I wasn't a stalker before, I am now. He is just so cute! You'll have to post pics of him like everyday because they seriously grow so fast and I check your blog everytime I'm on the internet. He's a cutie! How are you feeling?

Joshua and Cameron

Ronda Congrats! He is super cute! I'm very excited for you!


I love the pics, but i love to come and kiss and snuggle him in person. I'll be right over!!


I have to comment on the wade pic....He looks like me brother when he holds my kid's. You did well in the baby depot he is adorable. Try to get some rest. You'll need it.