Thursday, November 20, 2008

guess what??

Yay for Christmas!!!! I will take a different picture when it is dark outside because it is so much prettier...
This is my new tree skirt. It was under my tree until my kittens thought it was something made for them to pee on. Now it is hiding until they are gone...Jade is such a good sport. I know he hates having the tree up already but he pretends like it is the funnest thing ever. We both fell asleep in front of it last night and it was the greatest!
I went to the Dr. yesterday and everything is still lookin good. From here on out, I get to go see him every 2 weeks. Wow for busy, but maybe I can get all my shopping done! We are going to Vegas December 9-15th! I get to fly this year and I'm so excited! Maybe we will win big this year and won't come home! Haha, but anyhow! Hope everyone is doing swell swell swell!



That tree rivals the one we had at Glenwood, although I don't think anything will ever beat it. (hehehe) I can't wait to see it when I come watch HSM 1 2 and 3


Ok, seriously... no tree will ever hold a candle to Glenwood!! How sad! Come over!!!

justin and sherrie

Ok, that's pretty cool that you have your tree up already and that Jade is cool with it. The first year we waited so long that we got our tree for free and last year we got it the week before but then we took it down a few days later so we didn't have to deal with it when we got home from Arizona. We suck. Love the ornaments!


Is it real? It is Beautiful. where did you get it? Sorry so many questions just want help to find a good tree?


Im so not surprised you have it up. Allthough, i am surprised you waited so long!:) It looks way cute! Glad to hear the baby is doing good, he'll be here in no time!!:)


i love how excited you are for Christmas! I already have my new blog background and Christmas music ready, but Zack says I have to wait till after Thanksgiving :-(
One more week.....
Glad everything is going well!