Thursday, June 5, 2008

what is the matter with me?

Another week almost down and I don't have anything to blog about! Let's see, Maui's babies all have their eyes open and they are getting bigger- but they still look like bobble heads cause they aren't real strong yet. They are so cute though. Everyone still teases Jade that he is the father of my little yellow kitten cause his head his huge and he is the biggest one of the litter! I will take some more pics soon so you can see, and really... i need to get rid of them so please anybody!!
Also, I have already killed half of my plants that I planted in Relief Society. I swear... I'm still proud of them and I will watch over them until they are shriveled and gone, but I will keep fighting for them no matter what it takes. :)
Tomorrow is my official first day of the rodeo season. Jade is up in Price in the morning, Tooele tomorrow night, and Evanston on Saturday. It should be a good time and I'm excited to stay with Jade's family as I haven't seen them in forever! Mom has to speak in church on Sunday so don't worry, we'll be here! I'm sure that makes my primary kids pretty happy due to the fact that our lessons are usually 10 minutes long and the rest of our time is spent playing hangman or pictionary. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you soon!


Bo and Mandy

Ronda, now its your turn to get a new post so I can read it! :) Did you go with jade to the rodeos? if you did how did he do? Anything new or fun going on with you? luv ya