Tuesday, June 24, 2008

free kittens!!

If you remember right, I have 5 kittens and there are only 4 in the picture above. Maui is there too, but the little black one is trying to climb up my back as I'm taking this picture. He is everywhere!

So our little kittens are getting so big! We were gone all weekend (thank you Wade & Ash for feeding them), but when I got home... they all ran to me!! They are so cute! They are at the really fun stage! Shelly, your little yellow guy snuggled with me last night & he's got the cutest little purr!! Last night was their first time drinking milk out of a bowl and they were pretty good at it! I think it is almost time for other people to love them so if you need one, then I'm more than glad to give you one! I must admit, they are the perfect gift for your loved one!!!!



Ok, so I've begged my mother to get one. Begged, I tell ya. Mostly just because when I come to visit, I want to play with it. I'll keep pushing.....