Tuesday, April 22, 2008

*TrUe HaPpInEsS*

i'm sad to say, i live a boring life and i have no one to blame but me. but ashamingly i admit i was sitting here trying to think of something to put on here when i just read a really good quote in the april ensign so i'm going to share.
"Through your obedience and continuing faith in Jesus Christ and your understanding of the whole plan of happiness, even if important parts of it aren't fulfilled in your life now, they will be yours in the Lord's due time. I also promise you that you can have significant growth and happiness now in your present circumstances. As a daughter or son of God, live whatever portion of the plan you can to the best of your ability." Elder Richard G. Scott
Sher, I love you! Like he says, THEY will be yours in the Lord's due time.

Oh, and speaking to anyone- jade and i have to talk in church on 'true happiness' so if anyone has anything for me... feel free!



WOW!! Im balling at work!! Somehow it seemed that was just what i needed!! It is so true! These days we are so prone to instant gratification!! Im learing my lesson of patience!! Thanks wanda!! I love ya!!!


I'm new to blogging and found you. Catch ya later.