Monday, March 3, 2008

We are new! Be our Friends!!

Hi there! I'm Ronda Willis, but if you knew me before Sept. 07, you might know me as Ronda Stuart. My husbands name if Jade and he is so funny. He is such a great guy and i'm so happy to be married to him. I hope you all get to meet him someday! Our main goal in life is to figure out what we want to do/where we want to live and all that crazy grown up nonsense. I'm trying to talk Jade into moving to Hawaii before we get too tied down to something, but we will see what happens. :)



Hey ronda, good to see you on here!!!! I had no idea you guys were thinking of moving to hawaii, that's sweet!! Sounds fun!! Welcome to the fabulous world of blogging, im so addicted, m more so than myspace or facebook!! To add someone to your list, you go into layout, add page element, add link list to your blog, then you will go in and edit, put your title, you only have to mess with the new site URL, and you can rename it underneath then just simply save. When you want to add another friend, just hit add link. Its the big leauges here and im so little league so im still tryin to figure things out!! Love ya wanda


Hey Ronda, Abby Pugmire here. Welcome to blogging. Its fun to do. Check us out at